Yoga Wall

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The first yoga wall of France...The principle of the Yoga Wall has existed for decades; it was originally invented by BKS Iyengar, composed of ropes tied to a wall in order to help students in different yoga postures (asanas). One of the two Exception suites of the Hidden Hotel welcomes for the first time in France the Great Yoga Wall, a modern version of this wall where a system of adjustable straps and a comfortable pelvic harness, adjust themselves to every body type and every weight. Offering hundreds of possibilities, it is ideal to succeed in the Yoga exercises, whether you practice yoga on a beginner level or a certified one, but also Pilates and fitness. In the presence of a personal Yogi, the Great Yoga Wall will bring travelers a full relaxation session. Furthermore, the hotel offers the services of a therapist practicing different types of massages (on request and subject to availability).

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